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Segregated Witness, SegWit for short, was an implementation recently by Litecoin

Segregated Witness, SegWit for short, was an implementation recently by Litecoin that was hopeful to create an improved – faster, better, efficient – cryptocurrency.

litecoin and segwit image

Segwit was successfully applied to Litecoin.

The overall activation was smooth, on the 10th of May, 2017 as Litecoin’s founder Charlie Lee tweeted on Twitter of the first successful transaction under the SegWit update.

SegWit itself is important to Litecoin because it works as a necessary step between how users would experience transactions before, and how the second layer protocol called the Lightning Network (LN) will make future transactions significantly faster.

Charlie Lee has also tweeted and publicly stated that the familiar user-friendly wallets (General User Interface, GUI) are expected soon of LN; with the help of developers from MIT and Blockstream inclusive working on command-interface level code, making this possible.

The anticipation of this implementation urges many people who have Litecoin – particularly those who have not necessarily invested, but traders in the market as well – not to cash out (the price will likely rise), as the general community behind Litecoin has shown and continues to show a vast majority support of the update.

Scalability Is Important

The nature of Litecoin’s move and how it initially played out gained the mainstream attention of the Bitcoin community, as scalability issues have been a long-time debate – whether or not the route of a similar update ought to be implemented into Bitcoin itself per say.

The removal of centralized exchanges, by the community, would activate an atomic exchange; this is where traders, investors, and people gain the ability to interchange cryptocurrencies, per transaction, without the necessity of a third-party to differentiate the coins (ideal Mutual Exchange).

Charlie Lee Explains

A general explanation from Charlie Lee himself on what exactly SegWit does, and how it’s used:

“To activate SegWit on Litecoin, miners need to signal for it in the blocks they mine. Within a 2 week period, if 75% of blocks signal for SegWit – then [it] is locked, and it will activate after 2 weeks.”

This protocol reduces the size of any given transaction, which ultimately allows more transactions to be included in the blocks that the miners process, resulting in more transactions – which raises the value of the coin due to popularity – being the ultimate goal of any cryptocurrency in general, and as proven by the market.

The long-standing debate with the Bitcoin community is the capacity of the current transaction processing capabilities with the Bitcoin blockchain and its processes.

SegWit, now applied to Litecoin, has found itself as one of the leading proposals for addressing this exact issue.

Segregated Witness For Litecoin Explained In Detail

What About Security?

The security of SegWit is sound, as it may only reference the blockchain directly, per transaction – via the Lightning Network.  Although the anonymity may or may not have changed – as SegWit optimistically has much more potential and many more possible features other than the sole popularity of malleability improvements and efficiency – the foresight of the value under its application is such.

The interest of its application comes from the fact that it does not directly affect the previous provision of the coin, nor the current.

Referring Charlie Lee:

“I do believe having SegWit activate on Litecoin will help make [that] possible on Bitcoin too; because SegWit is such a big update, users and miners might prefer to try it out on a coin that has a smaller market cap, and Litecoin is a perfect coin for this […] Although SegWit has been tested extensively on testnet, that is not the same as testing on a network where transactions are moving real value.”


The price of Litecoin has surged during May 2017.

Also see This Segwit and Litecoin Article over on

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Bite2Lite Flashlights – Small and Powerful

Shopping for a flashlight can be quite a task given the numerous options available in the market. The light output, battery life, and size of the flashlight are some of the things that you may have to consider.

Small Flashlights Are Often Better

best small camping and hiking flashlight

This little flashlight is small and bright. Long lasting batteries too.

In most cases it is advisable to go for a small flashlight that is easy to carry around and deliver the right amount of light whenever this is needed.

Thanks to technology many manufacturers today are producing powerful flashlights that are relatively small in size and come with a longer run time.

What’s The Best Small Flashlight?

One of the best flashlights that work well and come in just the right size is the Bite2Lite flashlight.

This flashlight is small, powerful and light and if the Bite2Lite flashlight reviews available online are anything to go by it is a tool that everyone should have.  See some reviews Here and (on Amazon) Here.

Among the flashlight’s outstanding feature is the fact that it is small and very light. This not only makes it easy to work with but also means it is an ideal tool even for kids. It can be stored in the smallest of spaces whenever it is not in use and require minimal if any human effort when in use.

Camping Flashlight

Because of its small size, the Bite2Light flashlight is great for camping (and fishing – and lots of other things too).

The fact that it also comes with a lanyard makes it ideal for those situations where you may need to use the flashlight and still have both your hands free. This way you can go about your business without having to struggle to hold the flashlight or having to wait for someone to hold the flashlight for you.

Dual Use

This flashlight can also double up as a lantern when camping. You can hang the flashlight at the top of your tent, however, small without having to worry about weighing it down or having a heavy flashlight falling from the top of your tent just when you are drifting off to sleep.

Other Benefits

Aside from the size and weight, the Bite2Lite flashlight comes with numerous other benefits.

One is the fact that the beam is concentrated so it is easy to use it for reading without having to disturb others in the room. The flashlight is also made to the highest quality and is quite a bargain considering it is quite a durable flashlight that is also reasonably priced.

This compact and powerful flashlight is available on Amazon.  A pack of 3 Bite2Lite flashlights costs slightly less than $18 which makes the flashlight very affordable. Batteries are also included in this pack and you do not have to spend more or run back to the store and spend a ton more money to get your flashlight to work.

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Is Investing In Cryptocurrencies Really Investing

From a personal finance perspective, cryptocurrency trading and investing is not for the slight of heart.  Daily gains and losses can exceed 50% at times.

Although much of the alt coin market has “calmed down” towards the end of 2015, it is still possible to see an alt coin rise (or fall) as much as 25% in just a few hours.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin (the three standard bearers) in this realm seem to have bottomed and begun a slow climb upwards again.

Bitcoin is the leader in this regard, but if one looks at a chart of Dogecoin or Litecoin it may appear that they are going sideways at best, but one has to remember that even though the Satoshi price in different alt coins may look to be flat the price is actually rising if Bitcoin itself is rising as most people look at prices (and price charts) in “Satoshis”.

There’s no doubt in many people’s minds that cryptocurrencies are here to stay – for a beginner’s look at how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card so you can start making money with cryprocurrencies see this Cryptolix article.

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Alt Coins Boom In the Making?

In May 2015, alt coins (think Bitcoin etc) pretty much across the board have started to rise once again with many gaining 50 – 100% (and more) in a matter of days.  See for more information.

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Bitcoin and Alt Coin Trading

It’s been some time since I wrote that article about Bitcoin gaming on this site – I’ve been busy learning how to buy and sell alt coins these past days and it’s been quite an experience.

I have discovered that there is more consistent money to be made in the trading of cryptocurrencies (one for another) rather than just using one kind – whether it is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or others, at the seemingly rigged online casino game sites.

Cryptocurrency Trading

I found some real nice beginner trader how-to video put out by a company by the aptly named Cryptolix.  I guess since I am a guitar guy I am drawn to anything with “lix” (as in guitar licks – lol) in it.

Here’s a good How To Trade On A Cryptocurrency Exchange Video

How To Fund An Account

The following video is about and exchange called Bleutrade, but I imagine that most exchanges are very similar.

I have been having fun following Cryptolix on Twitter and what they talk about. Lots of easy to understand stuff – and some that I have no clue what it’s all about – lol.

If you have a trader’s mindset – or even if you get the gambling bug every now and then like I do you might want to check out what this Bitcoin and cryptocurrency stuff is all about.

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A (Bad) Beat Experience – Is Online Poker Back?

I’ve been doing research lately on crypto currencies (Bitcoin, etc) and have come across many interesting facts.

Online Poker and Gambling

bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin poker pictureMy research (somehow) took me into the realm of online gambling – I used to play online poker back in the day – and up until the recent past (after online poker’s black friday) in order to “get my poker fix” I had to travel over an hour to the nearest casino to play.

The Bad Beat

The thing about this is – I am lucky enough to have a casino that close to me unlike many other poker players in the world, but this particular casino only has their poker table open one night a week.  If I want to play poker then I can only go on a Friday night and the guys that play there are sharks – if I don’t get taken for all I have (because I don’t play very often) then I always seem to lose my money to a “bad beat”.

Not that I mind.  Every time I play any sort of casino game I figure my money as entertainment only money, but still, the local casino stakes are high and I am more of a $1 – $2 blinds kind of guy.

Play Anytime You Want (once again)

Now that anyone can anonymously obtain and use cryptocurrencies online and anywhere in the world (for the most part – for now – until the Government stamps them out – competition you know) there are getting to be all kinds of online poker rooms (and other casino games) that one can play in.  Just not that many good ones you can trust.

The Hard Part

There are still a couple of things that make this amazing development not all that amazing.

  1. You have to figure out how to obtain cryptocurrency. (not that hard – takes a bit of time)
  2. You have to learn what “crypto” these casinos and online poker rooms accept.
  3. You have to learn how to move your newly acquired crypto around on the internet.
  4. If you don’t have the proper type of crypto you have to learn how to exchange it for the right kind.

Because It’s Hard

Because of the four above mentioned points you won’t find too many of these online poker rooms that accept bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etc. have very many players in them.  There are a couple seemingly good ones that had a few tables open and a couple of dozen players, but I did find one that had over 300 poker players playing in a bitcoin and litecoin casino.

More Info

The numbers of players is sure to grow over time as more people figure out how all of this “Crypto” stuff works.

I did find a good article about online casinos and gambling that talks a little bit more in regards to cryptocurrency gambling, online and mobile phone casinos, etc.  Click Here to check it out.

Online Cryptocurrency Poker Video

Soon to come…



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Cool Artistic Talent

Found this on Pinterest.

custom concrete art

Custom Concrete Art

See More

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Using The Proper Guitar Accessories To Lay Down The Beat

Guitar Accessories You Should Have

A music enthusiast knows the importance of each and every accessory that goes into making the instrument and their role in giving the sound that the instrument produces. Here we shall acquaint you with some accessories of an instrument that is famous with the young and the old alike, the Guitar.

guitar case

A guitar case will protect your cherished equipment.

A Guitar Case

One of the most important accessories for any guitar is the case. Cases are a great tool to protect the guitar from damage and help in keeping the instrument in good condition.

A cover is needed for storing and transporting the instrument since humidity can harm a guitar and a case helps to create optimal storage humidity.

Cases can be soft rag cases, semi rigid cases or hard cases and some of the most popular are made to hold Gibson Guitars. The choice of case varies individually and depends on personal needs of the owner and the price of the guitar.


Strings are made of metal or nylon, which once stretched, produce sounds from the guitar. There are many kinds of strings especially for electric guitars.

You can choose the strings depending on the sound that you are looking for and the style of music that you want to play.

The strings are available in different materials, different colors, different thicknesses and it is advisable to try several to find the one that you are most comfortable with.

image of peavey guitar amplifier

Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Amp

Often the concept of a guitar amplifier is confused with the concept of an audio amplifier, which aims to strengthen the sound without giving it any color.

It must be clearly understood that the final sound of an electric guitar is the result of many factors of which the main ones are the properties of the electric guitar and features of the guitar amplifier.

Guitar Straps

A strap for a musician, especially a guitarist is important for holding and playing comfortably whether he is sitting upright or standing. It helps maintain the instrument in place.

The Pick (Plectrum)

Usually called “pick”, the plectrum is a piece of plastic or nylon triangle of a size of about 3 cm. It is used mainly by electric guitarists and is held between the index finger and thumb. The sound generated from contact between the pick and the string is very different from the usual friction of the finger.

Picks are available in different materials, shapes, colors and thicknesses and costs almost nothing. Buy a number of them
and find one that suits you best depending on the song you are playing.

The Bottleneck (slider)

The bottleneck is steel or glass tube that is slipped over a finger of the left hand to slide down the strings and generates the effect of “sliding” from one note to another.

There are a variety of bottlenecks varying in shape, length, diameter and material. Each one can produce a different sound. The bottleneck made of glass gives a clearer sound than the one of metal which produces a whistle like sound.

Digital Electric Tuners

As the name suggests it is a device that allows you to tune your guitar. A digital one determines the pitch and tunes the guitar more accurately than a manual one. It is an essential for the confirmed player who wants the perfect sound and a more stable operation.

Each of these accessories is as important as the other and goes hand in glove to make your guitar as charming and elegant as you possibly can to lay down the beats that you want.

For a ton more information about guitars and guitar accessories as well as the best places to purchase new equipment visit

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image of cloudy experience

Cloudy Experience

A photo  – Experience

image of guitar stuff now

Guitar Stuff Now Shopping

The Guitar Stuff Now Shop has all kinds of guitar related things – not just guitars.  Guitar accessories, electric guitar packages, guitar picks, guitar straps, amps, guitar reviews and other related product accessory commentary and reviews.


Wandering Wild

image of great outdoors

Wandering Wild

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