Using The Proper Guitar Accessories To Lay Down The Beat

Guitar Accessories You Should Have

A music enthusiast knows the importance of each and every accessory that goes into making the instrument and their role in giving the sound that the instrument produces. Here we shall acquaint you with some accessories of an instrument that is famous with the young and the old alike, the Guitar.

guitar case

A guitar case will protect your cherished equipment.

A Guitar Case

One of the most important accessories for any guitar is the case. Cases are a great tool to protect the guitar from damage and help in keeping the instrument in good condition.

A cover is needed for storing and transporting the instrument since humidity can harm a guitar and a case helps to create optimal storage humidity.

Cases can be soft rag cases, semi rigid cases or hard cases and some of the most popular are made to hold Gibson Guitars. The choice of case varies individually and depends on personal needs of the owner and the price of the guitar.


Strings are made of metal or nylon, which once stretched, produce sounds from the guitar. There are many kinds of strings especially for electric guitars.

You can choose the strings depending on the sound that you are looking for and the style of music that you want to play.

The strings are available in different materials, different colors, different thicknesses and it is advisable to try several to find the one that you are most comfortable with.

image of peavey guitar amplifier

Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Amp

Often the concept of a guitar amplifier is confused with the concept of an audio amplifier, which aims to strengthen the sound without giving it any color.

It must be clearly understood that the final sound of an electric guitar is the result of many factors of which the main ones are the properties of the electric guitar and features of the guitar amplifier.

Guitar Straps

A strap for a musician, especially a guitarist is important for holding and playing comfortably whether he is sitting upright or standing. It helps maintain the instrument in place.

The Pick (Plectrum)

Usually called “pick”, the plectrum is a piece of plastic or nylon triangle of a size of about 3 cm. It is used mainly by electric guitarists and is held between the index finger and thumb. The sound generated from contact between the pick and the string is very different from the usual friction of the finger.

Picks are available in different materials, shapes, colors and thicknesses and costs almost nothing. Buy a number of them
and find one that suits you best depending on the song you are playing.

The Bottleneck (slider)

The bottleneck is steel or glass tube that is slipped over a finger of the left hand to slide down the strings and generates the effect of “sliding” from one note to another.

There are a variety of bottlenecks varying in shape, length, diameter and material. Each one can produce a different sound. The bottleneck made of glass gives a clearer sound than the one of metal which produces a whistle like sound.

Digital Electric Tuners

As the name suggests it is a device that allows you to tune your guitar. A digital one determines the pitch and tunes the guitar more accurately than a manual one. It is an essential for the confirmed player who wants the perfect sound and a more stable operation.

Each of these accessories is as important as the other and goes hand in glove to make your guitar as charming and elegant as you possibly can to lay down the beats that you want.

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