A (Bad) Beat Experience – Is Online Poker Back?

I’ve been doing research lately on crypto currencies (Bitcoin, etc) and have come across many interesting facts.

Online Poker and Gambling

bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin poker pictureMy research (somehow) took me into the realm of online gambling – I used to play online poker back in the day – and up until the recent past (after online poker’s black friday) in order to “get my poker fix” I had to travel over an hour to the nearest casino to play.

The Bad Beat

The thing about this is – I am lucky enough to have a casino that close to me unlike many other poker players in the world, but this particular casino only has their poker table open one night a week.  If I want to play poker then I can only go on a Friday night and the guys that play there are sharks – if I don’t get taken for all I have (because I don’t play very often) then I always seem to lose my money to a “bad beat”.

Not that I mind.  Every time I play any sort of casino game I figure my money as entertainment only money, but still, the local casino stakes are high and I am more of a $1 – $2 blinds kind of guy.

Play Anytime You Want (once again)

Now that anyone can anonymously obtain and use cryptocurrencies online and anywhere in the world (for the most part – for now – until the Government stamps them out – competition you know) there are getting to be all kinds of online poker rooms (and other casino games) that one can play in.  Just not that many good ones you can trust.

The Hard Part

There are still a couple of things that make this amazing development not all that amazing.

  1. You have to figure out how to obtain cryptocurrency. (not that hard – takes a bit of time)
  2. You have to learn what “crypto” these casinos and online poker rooms accept.
  3. You have to learn how to move your newly acquired crypto around on the internet.
  4. If you don’t have the proper type of crypto you have to learn how to exchange it for the right kind.

Because It’s Hard

Because of the four above mentioned points you won’t find too many of these online poker rooms that accept bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etc. have very many players in them.  There are a couple seemingly good ones that had a few tables open and a couple of dozen players, but I did find one that had over 300 poker players playing in a bitcoin and litecoin casino.

More Info

The numbers of players is sure to grow over time as more people figure out how all of this “Crypto” stuff works.

I did find a good article about online casinos and gambling that talks a little bit more in regards to cryptocurrency gambling, online and mobile phone casinos, etc.  Click Here to check it out.

Online Cryptocurrency Poker Video

Soon to come…



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