Is Investing In Cryptocurrencies Really Investing

From a personal finance perspective, cryptocurrency trading and investing is not for the slight of heart.  Daily gains and losses can exceed 50% at times.

Although much of the alt coin market has “calmed down” towards the end of 2015, it is still possible to see an alt coin rise (or fall) as much as 25% in just a few hours.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin (the three standard bearers) in this realm seem to have bottomed and begun a slow climb upwards again.

Bitcoin is the leader in this regard, but if one looks at a chart of Dogecoin or Litecoin it may appear that they are going sideways at best, but one has to remember that even though the Satoshi price in different alt coins may look to be flat the price is actually rising if Bitcoin itself is rising as most people look at prices (and price charts) in “Satoshis”.

There’s no doubt in many people’s minds that cryptocurrencies are here to stay – for a beginner’s look at how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card so you can start making money with cryprocurrencies see this Cryptolix article.

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